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The Law 'til Present

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determining reality via majority vote
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The purpose of this community is simple: I wanted to create an open forum in which the best thing ever was systematically discovered through process of elimination.

Every week a poll will contrast at least two things, and by voting the better of those two things will be determined.
Continue as necessary. Unnecessarily Dramatic Introduction

Having trouble deciding? Try applying the legendary q10 tests.
Submit an idea for the Best Thing Ever!
Feel free to jump right into the discussion in progress with your take on the match-up. Often people feel passionately about the contests, and debate can be lively. Over-analysis and extreme technical dissection are both invited. Please no personal attacks, though; remember we're all in this quest together.

**In the event you are the target of a personal attack or otherwise need to contact BTE's administrators - Best_Admins_Ever@Yearoftheshirt.com
Do not respond to attacks. Just tell us and we will take care of it. Please include a link to whatever you're writing us about, if applicable. We'll respond promptly.

As a public service announcement, here is how to change a vote you have made, should arguement or second-guessing sway you.
Click 'View Answers' (be sure you are logged in, else this button will not function)
Select [Fill Out Poll]
Fill out poll.

Membership is not moderated, and is automatic.

-Disambiguation- As a sharp-eyed reader may have begun to suspect, this is not the community for the band The Best Thing Ever. Their melodious o'ertones may be found yonder - bestthingever.

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